Participating to the evening around Leni Riefenstahl organized by the Historisch Café at Spui25 in Amsterdam on Tuesday 27 November. Also participating to the event are UvA teachers Frank van Vree and Willem Melching. Title of the talk ‘Portrait of the artist as femme fatale.’

With six other critics, we have been invited by the organization Domein voor Kunstkritiek to participate to the different theater festivals taking place over the next few months in the Netherlands. The purpose of this initiative is to stimulate the new generation of critics to think about the future of their practice and the quality of the cultural offer today. In March we visited CEMENT in Maastricht. Next destinations: Springdance, Holland Festival and Cosmic/Made in da Shade.

Since a few days, I am getting in touch with art institutions in Amsterdam to organize an exhibition of the video work by MASBEDO in collaboration with Michel Houellebecq. Their work is to be seen in Barcelona till the 19th of November at the Center for Contemporary Art. Already some 5.000 visitors have come to appreciate the products of this special collaboration.