AaronsMedia attention is a prerequisite for any event to become successful. Press releases are issued by institutions in order to draw attention to their activities.

Beyond its informative quality, a press release should be enjoyable and triggering. It is always a challenge to sum up in approx. 500 words as many things as background information on the artist, an account on the place of the exhibition within the broader frame of his/her work and a personal and critical reading of his/her oeuvre.

Rowena Dring | Teun Hocks | Viviane Sassen
| Marjolein Rothman | Neal Rock | Vanesa van Dam & Martine Stig | Lucy & Jorge Orta | Anuschka Blommers & Niels Schumm | The Sanchez Brothers | Anton Corbijn | Martin C. de Waal | Sergey Bratkov | Hans Broek | Justine Kurland | Slim Aarons | Phil Bloom | Edward Burtynsky | Philip Akkerman | Pierre Alechinsky | Joan Miró | Stepanek & Maslin | Min Kim

The Sea is a Stereo | Hard Candies | Private Stories-Public Histories | 3 D | Live forever or die trying (manic abstract painting now)

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Photo by Sergey Bratkov