Before writing there was the personal contact. Daily, we participate in conversations and interpersonal exchanges. To interview an artist is both to listen and to lead, to perform and to get bewitched by the other. It is the great experience to confront ideas and to layer theoretical understanding with a sense of human intimacy.



Johan Tahon
ZOO Magazine #58, 2018.
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Dimitris Papaioannou
The Great Magician
ZOO Magazine #56, 2017.
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Saâdane Afif
The Fountain Archives
ZOO Magazine #54, 2017.
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Polly Borland
Of Giants and Dwarfs
ZOO Magazine #54, 2017.
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Walkers of the Wayward Path
ZOO Magazine #53, 2016.
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Daniel Arsham
The Time Traveler
ZOO Magazine #53, 2016.
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Societé Réaliste
Dealing with Politics, History and Social Commitment
Interview with Paris-based collective Société Réaliste
Artpulse Magazine, Winter issue 2011.
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Powerhouse Company
Interview with Rotterdam-based architecture bureau Powerhouse Company
Published in the exhibition catalogue of Basic Instincts in collaboration with PREMSELA, 2011.

Hester Scheurwater
Shooting Back
ZOO Magazine #31, 2011.
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Ixone Sadaba
Double Take
Artpulse Magazine, Fall issue 2010.

Paul Kooiker
ZOO Magazine # 26, 2010.

Michel Houellebecq
The Possibility of an Island
ZOO Magazine # 18 - cinema issue ‘08 > READ english

El Idilio Cinematográfico > READ english  

Domingo Milella
FOAM Album 08 (Amsterdam: Foam_Fotografiemuseum, 2008).

Ellen Kooi
Landscapes and Other Stories

Simon Dove
Enfant Terrible or Visionary?
Published in TM September 2007

Viviane Sassen
As The Crow Flies
In magazine published on the occasion of Sassen’s eponymous exhibition at the Museum Jan Cunen in Oss, The Netherlands > READ english

Double, no. 22, Automne-Hiver 2011.

Exhibition catalogue Krakow Photography Festival, 2012.

The Sanchez Brothers
Digital Backdrops and Drop-outs of Daily Life 
Eyemazing nr. 9 > READ english     

Adi Nes
Biblical Stories
Eyemazing issue 02, 2006 > READ english

Noelle Hoeppe
Blue Nudes
Eyemazing issue 03, 2006 > READ english


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Painting by Terry Rodgers