Dressed all in white, a shy little girl with laughing eyes watches us. Pearls too expensive for a child hang around her neck and speak of desires she can not understand. Behind her the lights which had first lit her steps now appear to transform the dais into an immense trap door about to lead her, perhaps, towards Nothingness. The scene is both tender and frightful, magnificent and despairing. Every one of the Sanchez brothers’ photographs, necessitating several month of preparation and the precise use of cutting-edge digital equipment, is an erudite mechanism leading us to the heart of the troubling strangeness of the everyday. Through an elaborate mise en scene and an exploration of the poetic use of symbols, Jason and Carlos use photography as if it were painting. With a refined aesthetic and a pronounced taste for details, they create compositions which trouble us even as they fascinate. Only 25 and 30 years old respectively, these young Canadian artists of Spanish descent have already succeeded in creating staggering images of daily life, images which have the power to arouse our desires while bringing out an image’s sometimes sombre qualities. Inspired by stories of individuals they have been told or have read in newspapers, these exquisite and insolent works reveal life to us in a different light.  

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